For all types of property, security is a primary consideration.  OPSEC Specialized Protection offers you professional and qualified security services 24-hours a day.

We understand that all type of businesses requires responsible, licensed, insured security services, and we are currently providing those services to members of the business and residential community.

OPSEC Specialized Protection has been in business since 2001, and with an aggregate service record of more than 45 years in the security industry, OPSEC Specialized Protection is experienced in providing many diverse security services such as:

            High Visibility Uniformed Officers             Shopping Centers

            Armed and Unarmed Officers                     Construction Sites

            Police Officers/Plain Clothes Officers         Hospitals

            Apartment Complexes                                  Commercial Buildings         

            Gated Communities                                      Special Events

            Industrial Facilities                                        Solar Power Generating Station

We employ over 100 Officers. Our Officers are equipped with two-way radio communications.  They are professionally trained and hold certifications in First Aid, CPR, Chemical Irritant Agents, Baton, Weapons, and Arrest Techniques.

OPSEC Specialized Protection Officers make lawful arrests when criminal acts have been committed.  Upon receipt of a subpoena we will testify in court for the prosecution.

The purpose of our security service is to protect the client’s interests, properties and facilities.  We are also capable of handling your unique on-and off-site situations.

We look forward to providing you with our Security Services, and offer you a personal presentation structured to meet your individual needs.


Anthony A. Cheval
Director of Operations